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Nourish Your Mind-Body Connection…

…and Share Calm and Peace with the Community!

How do you nourish a healthy mind-body connection, find peace and compassion? Yoga is a great practice to nurture the mind/body connection.  The Tree Pose strengthens balance, provides subtle reminders about your posture and interesting insight about your current mental state. In many Indian traditions, trees, specifically the Ashoka tree, are symbols of love and devotion. Many native cultures seek the knowledge of trees for healing, searching their branches, trunks, leaves, and roots for powerful medicine. Patient by nature, trees are quiet and steady, living their long lives in rhythm with the seasons and the circadian rhythm of the world.

Practice your Tree Pose, then Capture and Share it with KRB and the community.  Post your photo to your Instagram and/or Facebook story and tag us: #keeprocklandbeautiful #krb #treepose #rocklandcounty #earthday #yoga #mindful


Oh glorious spring, discover what wonders the season brings!

Open your window, step outside.  What do you see and hear?

Is that a robin on the grass, the song of a cardinal, or the drum of a woodpecker nearby? Visit The Cornell Lab of Ornithology website and discover the sights and sounds of birds without leaving your home. Get up close and personal with Cornell’s Bird Cams, visit the Macaulay Library filled with beautiful photos and audio recordings of birds everywhere, or play fun, interactive games in the Bird Academy Play Lab.