Swat a Litterbug

Code Enforcement Project

Keep Rockland Beautiful recognizes that cleanups are not a sufficient response to the litter problem. Via the Code Enforcement Taskforce, KRB advocates for increased enforcement of laws pertaining to motorist litter and property maintenance. An estimated 50% of litter comes from uncovered trash cans and trucks, loading docks and sources other than motorist “litterbugs”.

Code Enforcement Symposium

This annual training event for code officials began in 2005.

Swat a litterbug!

If you see someone littering from their car, or trash blowing out from the back of a truck, the Sheriff’s Department will send the vehicle owner a warning letter based on your report to Keep Rockland Beautiful. Download the form below and share it with your friends or you can send us the following information:

  • Date and Time
  • Street and Town
  • Vehicle License Plate
  • Vehicle Color and Model
  • Type of Trash
  • Your contact info

You can mail, e-mail, phone or fax this information to Keep Rockland Beautiful. The complaints are confidential and screened for accuracy. This means we match the license plate with the vehicle model and color.

Download the Litterbug Report Form here