KRB Welcomes You!!

Are you a student looking for community service hours or anyone looking for ways to make our county cleaner & greener? We welcome your help at Keep Rockland Beautiful! Whether you’d like to participate in a cleanup, help out at a KRB event or in the office, we are always in need of volunteers. Here are some ways you can help…

1. Participate in our Fall Waterways or spring Great American Cleanup Campaign.  You can join a scheduled cleanup event or choose a site/date of your own.

2. Help out at a KRB event.We have many events throughout the year ranging from our Gala in November to our Wrap-Up party celebration in June. Event helper position

3. Interested in helping out in the office with a mailing, updating a scrapbook, doing outreach or research for the cleanup campaigns and/or environmental education programs. Office helper 1 position and Office helper 2 position

p.s. Another great way to get involved…become a Student Member of KRB and enjoy lots of free and fun events! More…


Volunteer Application