Artful Receptacles

Our Artful Receptacles are painted by volunteers who believe in Keep Rockland Beautiful’s mission. These trash repositories discourage littering and inspire residents to dispose of their waste appropriately while beautifying some of the most heavily trafficked, and often heavily littered, public spaces in Rockland!


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Keep Rockland Beautiful’s Artful Receptacles program provided a hands-on learning experience for volunteers of all ages.  For the last 20 years, this program aimed to reduce visible and errant waste throughout the county by providing the public with decorative trash receptacles in some of Rockland’s most commonly littered locations, thus helping keep the county clean.

The program sought a diversity of artistic styles.  On public display artful receptacles helped Keep Rockland Beautiful reduce much litter at bus stops, on street corners, and in parking lots – some of the most heavily-trafficked, and frequently polluted areas.

If you are an avid artist, receptacles do become available at certain times of the year thanks to former suppliers at Bee Alive & Star Kay White.  While Keep Rockland Beautiful no longer organizes this program, we happily encourage your artistic endeavors to help us keep the county clean!

For those interested, required materials and instructions for decorating a can are below.  Any further inquiries concerning our Artful Receptacles program please contact:

KRB Cleanup Coordinator:

(845) 708-9164