Mission Statement

Keep Rockland Beautiful leads efforts to clean, protect, and beautify Rockland’s environment by educating and empowering people to share in the care and stewardship of our communities.

Our Earth B.E.A.T. program engages students K-8 in a day of interactive activities on local ecology, waste reduction, water and energy conservation. They build knowledge about the human-nature connection and are inspired to take simple steps to protect the health of the environment and their communities.

Rockland P.L.U.S. involves high school students in planning for communities that provide a balance of Social Connections, Economic Opportunity and Environmental Sensitivity (S.E.E.). The culminating symposium brings students from across the county together to collaboratively map out their vision for a local site. They are guided by 30+ professional s with backgrounds in everything from municipal planning to LEED design.

Each year, our Great American Cleanup and Fall Waterways campaigns rally and support over 4,000 volunteers who remove tons of debris from our streets, parks, and waterways. Participation in the cleanup raises awareness and brings home the value of community service.

Youth and artists who participate in KRB’s Artful Receptacle program turn ordinary trash cans into works of public art. These invitations to put waste in its place grace local bus shelters and parks.

KRB’s growth and success since 1997 is built on the dedication and passion of our volunteers, Board members and staff. Collaborative partnerships with municipalities, agencies, schools, businesses, and other non-profit organizations are key to our work in fostering a healthy, sustainable county.

For more on where we are heading…KRB’s Strategic Plan

KRB’s By-Laws  

KRB is an affiliate of Keep America Beautiful