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What Our Volunteers Had to Say:

It’s everyone’s responsibility to take care of our environment and that includes cleaning up trash to protect our waterways and wildlife.
– Tammy

We live in this beautiful area and keeping it clean is essential for everyone’s well being.
– Pietro

Our Girl Scouts troop is learning about helping others and our last badge was titled Rosie/Make the World a Better Place. This cleanup allowed the girls to take part in an activity that practices these concepts.

I think the cleanups help to unify our communities and clean together to help save and preserve our environment, plants, wildlife, and the overall planet we live on, Earth. It helps reduce the waste that goes into our environment.

We clean up because there’s so much trash, it’s heartbreaking. Most people are not aware of the degree of debris everywhere. To pull plastic Christmas trees, tires, car batteries, electronic devices etc. out of a creek that goes into the reservoir for our water supply, if more people saw what’s going on we’d have a lot more volunteers. The breakdown of Microplastics is threatening every Ecosystem on the planet.

[Cleanups are] an important step to get people invested in their local environment, which will hopefully lead them to caring for the whole Earth’s environment. Think Globally, Act Locally!

[Cleaning up is important] to raise awareness that trash is ugly and harms the environment and to remind other students/community members that each person has a responsibility to do their part in keeping it clean and free of litter/ trash.

Think globally and act locally. Streams lead to oceans, and oceans are full of plastic debris.

More Cleanup Actions:

Clean Streets = Clean Streams

Did you know that Rockland’s storm drains lead directly to a local waterway?

Want to raise awareness about polluted storm water runoff by marking storm drains with a “No Dumping Drains to Stream” decal? Contact us for more info.

Minisceongo Creek Watershed Alliance

This video will introduce you to the Minisceongo Creek Watershed Alliance, its partners, and local volunteers who help to keep our waterways clean and healthy.

Leave No Trace – Pick Up a Piece or Two

Out for a walk or hike with family or friends?  Take a small bag with you, pick up a piece of trash or two, then take it back home with you.  Let’s all pitch in and Leave No Trace.

When out and about, be sure to practice social distancing and wear a mask.  Let’s all bend the curve (and make COVID a thing of the past).  We’re in this together.

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Cleanup Leaders Take a Bow

In appreciation for their dedication and leadership of powerful cleanup events throughout the county, RC Legislators Toney L. Earl and Aney Paul presented the 2021 Great American Cleanup (GAC) Community Cleanup leaders with the Distinguished Service Award of the County of Rockland. As Legislator Earl stated: “I’m proud to honor… Read more

Thank You M&T Charitable Foundation!

Thank you to M&T Charitable Foundation for its $5,000 contribution in support of Keep Rockland Beautiful’s Environmental Education Programs for Youth and the 2020 Fall Waterways Cleanup Campaign! M&T Charitable Foundation has generously supported KRB’s Annual Awards Gala and our Environmental Education Programs for Youth for several years.  We are… Read more