Eco-Friendly Thanksgiving Suggestions

Happy Thanksgiving from the Keep Rockland Beautiful family!  Thankful for the caring communities in Rockland, and our environment, here are some helpful suggestions for an environmentally-conscious Thanksgiving.  

  • Reusable silverware, plates, and napkins will reduce your environmental impact, and our carbon footprint!  
  • Check your pantry – don’t buy ingredients you already have!  Spices, herbs, and other ingredients with a long shelf-life are great for annual holidays.  
  • Take advantage of Thanksgiving deals from your local supermarket – depending on where you shop, your monthly spending could even get you a free turkey!  
  • Reduce energy use & meal-prep effectively!  Separate dishes to be prepared at the same temperature can cook simultaneously.  Your oven will be in-use for a shorter period of time, in turn, decreasing your energy bill.
  • Prepare less food: leftovers not needed – but if you have them, it’s ok!  Encourage your guests to bring their own Tupperware, take some home, and save the rest for lunch the following week!  
  • Turkey for lunch, all week?  Be sure to get creative, and try out new recipes with your leftovers.  If you can’t get through all of it, compost the rest!  

Thanksgiving is a time to share in the care of your community – friends, family, and neighbors all come together to give thanks and celebrate the start of the holiday season.  We hope your Thanksgiving is a warm, happy, and eco-friendly day to remember!