Energy Conservation and Climate Change


  • Energy Conservation:
  • Alternative Energy:

Climate Change

  • Climate Science:
      • This National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) website provides information and science for climate conscious Americans who want to learn more about climate change and how it can affect their health, security, and livelihood.
      • Climate Central is a nonprofit organization that researches and reports on the climate crisis, connecting local, national, and global events to people and policy-makers.
  • Community:
      • Hundreds of communities across New York have pledged to fight climate change by encouraging and actively supporting actions to adapt and mitigate the effects on the local level.
      • The Climate Smart Communities program is run by the New York State government and sponsored by the NYS Department of Energy Conservation, NYSERDA, Department of Public Service, Department of State, Department of Transportation, and the Department of Health.
  • Federal Programs:
    • The U.S. Global Change Research Program is mandated by congress and coordinates research in understanding the natural and human forces impacting the environment, and how those changes affect society.