Earth B.E.A.T.

Engaging and Inspiring Learning

Earth BEAT is an interactive environmental education program for youth grades K-8.  Through their participation in engaging and fun Eco-Station activities, kids learn about the human-nature relationship, make meaningful connections to school curriculum, and are inspired to take actions to protect the environment and care for their own and the community’s health and well-being.  

Earth BEAT offers more than 25 Eco-Station activities that focus on waste reduction, water and energy conservation, decreasing greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating climate change, watershed protection, preserving biodiversity, and supporting native gardens and sustainable agriculture. 

Earth BEAT can engage the whole school community in a one to two-day event or involve just one or a couple of grades.  KRB supplies materials and assists with event coordination.  KRB Educators can facilitate Eco-Stations and/or train teachers and parents to facilitate as well.

Earth BEAT is also a great program for libraries, scout troops, after-school programs.  In all cases, Earth BEAT is tailored to best fit the needs of the participants.  

While we are all hopeful that conditions will soon allow for safe programming in the schoolyard and/or classrooms, Earth BEAT Eco-Stations can be well adapted for distance-learning as well.  KRB is eager to support schools and families in the creation and delivery of engaging and meaningful learning.

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Here’s what Earth B.E.A.T. participants had to say:

“Earth B.E.A.T. provides our students with motivating, relevant, interactive experiences to deepen their understanding and respect for our natural resources, as well as their role in caring for the earth! Students have fun while learning important lessons!
— Francine Cuccia, Principal, Link Elementary World School

My class enjoyed the day because they were outside, active and learned a great deal about what they can do to help make our world a better place to live. I enjoyed it because it was incredibly well-run and was incredibly educational. It was much more than the usual environmental litany we are so often fed in the public echo chamber. It was neither preachy nor political. It was a perfect balance and I appreciated the way in which the lessons were presented.
— Teacher, Upper Nyack Elementary School

Spread the word! Great program!
— Teacher, Stony Point Elementary School

I liked everything about Earth BEAT because it teaches you what is happening in our environment and how to change it.
— 3rd Grade Student, Link Elementary School

I liked that I learned something new because I never would have known what would happen if we polluted
— 4th Grade Student Haverstraw Elementary School

“I am so impressed…. My daughter came home and talked a blue streak about ecology and all she had learned at Earth B.E.A.T… she and her sleepover friends made a flyer about conserving energy and distributed it throughout our neighborhood. Thanks for organizing this special day!”
— Parent, Link Elementary School

We can’t thank you enough for bringing KRB’s Earth BEAT to Upper Nyack Elementary School. Each Eco-Station provides children with relevant, powerful environmental/social awareness packaged in fun activities. This was an incredible day and experience for us, and for all the students involved. Your program and passion brought meaningful education to our school, and we’re so thankful.
— Parent, Upper Nyack Elementary School

Questions? Call our Earth B.E.A.T. Coordinator @ (845) 708-9164 or email

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