Rockland Underground Tours

As a KRB Member, you get to join in on our wonderful “Rockland Underground Tours” for free! (Note: All other friends can come along for a donation of $20). Now in its fourth year, these intriguing tours provide an insider’s look at Rockland’s most fascinating locations, revealing their historical and natural wonder – and how they fit into a sustainable future.


(Dates TBA by early February)

1) Behind the Scenes at Bear Mountain – Join PIPC Director of Development, Matthew Shook, for a tour of the historic Bear Mountain Inn, a centerpiece of a unique park system that stretches from the edge of New York City through the Hudson Valley. Established in 1915, the Inn has a long and fascinating history. Learn about its former visitors and its secret power source in the depths of Lake Hessian! Free passes will be provided to the nearby Bear Mountain Ice Rink for those interested in skating after the talk and walk.

2) Origin, Evolution and Future: Discovering LDEO – Rockland County is home to some of the world’s premier climate research at Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO). KRB members and friends will get an exclusive tour of LDEO’s beautiful Palisades campus, home to scientists working on topics from seismology to sea ice forecasts to climate history. Follow the RV Langseth’s current research expedition, hear about the tree ring laboratory, learn about the importance of cores, and more!

3) Discovering Treasures out West – Valley Rock Inn in Sloatsburg is billed as “an Urban Oasis in the middle of 70,000 acres of park land” After just a few years of discovery and renovation, it now features an organic market, garden café and bike shop, craft brew pub and will soon feature hotel rooms, an art gallery, gym and book store. How does something like this happen? An insider tour of the complex will show guests what was here and where it’s all heading – and how all of this will help incorporate the beauty of Harriman State Park, improve Sloatsburg’s historical character, pedestrian & biker-friendly planning, and much more.

4) Rockland’s Newest Preserve -Join Bob Stien in exploring the Marydell Faith and Life Center and the 30 acres which the Sisters of Our Lady of Christian Doctrine recently sold to Hook Mountain State Park in Upper Nyack. Thanks to an engaged Rockland citizenry, the Trust for Public Land, and the Sisters, these beautiful meadows and rugged forest patches are now accessible to the public. We’ll hear about the plans for trails and other infrastructure as well as about the fascinating history of the area.

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