Rockland P.L.U.S.

Rockland P.L.U.S. (Planning Land Use with Students) is a unique program that prepares and inspires youth to address the challenges of protecting our natural resources and providing for the health and well-being of our communities. Through the planning and design of local sites that are actively being considered for redevelopment, students take part in a meaningful and impactful educational experience that gives them the tools and the inspiration to create vibrant, equitable, climate-smart, sustainable communities – the kind of communities they will want to live in!

RPLUS is a collaborative partnership of Columbia University Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Keep Rockland Beautiful, Rockland Conservation & Service Corps, and the Rockland County Soil & Water Conservation District.

Rockland PLUS Workshops

Each year, Rockland P.L.U.S. engages approximately 300 students from 10-12 high schools throughout Rockland County in a series of three hands-on classroom workshops held January through March. Students consider the health of the environment and the needs of their community as they plan for the redevelopment of a local site in a way that promotes a balance of Social connections, Economic opportunity, Environmental sensitivity, and Equitable access to natural and community resources (S.E.E.E.). The students’ vision for redevelopment is incorporated into a presentation that is shared at the program’s culminating symposium. In 2021 and 2022, those presentations were created and shared on Google Earth, one of the exciting new tools first employed during the pandemic when RPLUS was successfully run at a distance.

Rockland P.L.U.S. Symposium

The Rockland PLUS symposium brings 150 selected students from participating high schools together to share their knowledge and ideas. It is a special opportunity for students to consider the perspectives of peers from schools across the county and begin to understand the unique needs and the common challenges of their communities.

At the symposium, student groups from each school deliver presentations on their redevelopment plan to one or two local professionals volunteering as mentors for the day. There are over 40 professionals who participate as mentors and facilitators at the symposium.

After an introduction to a new site in Rockland, students work in small, mixed-school groups to collaboratively plan for the redevelopment of the site. They then present their collaborative plan to all symposium participants. In 2023, the students and their mentors will once again explore redevelopment ideas for the former chair factory site in the Village of Haverstraw in a way that supports the Village’s vision for a sustainable place to Work, Live, Shop.

After three years of virtual accommodations, the RPLUS team is excited to be bringing students and adults together again on March 31, 2023 for the culminating symposium at St. Thomas Aquinas College.

Rockland P.L.U.S. inspires students to explore exciting new possibilities in sustainable development and personal growth. Many students are moved to help protect the environment by becoming more engaged in school and community environmental programs. Rockland P.L.U.S. also exposes students to environmental-related careers. Several students over the years have reported plans to pursue a degree in environmental studies and/or planning as a result of their participation in Rockland P.L.U.S. Regardless, all students become better informed consumers who can make choices that will protect the environment and sustainable communities for all.



Albertus Magnus High School

Hudson Valley P-TECH

Nyack High School

Ramapo High School

Spring Valley High School

Tappan Zee High School

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  • Clarkstown North
  • Clarkstown South
  • North Rockland
  • Pearl River
  • Suffern


Albertus Magnus High School

Schimpf Farm Project 1 

We are planning to redevelop a sustainable community that promotes healthy living. Senior housing that reaches three stories tall with green roofs that will provide insulation and habitats for wildlife….

Interactive Project Tour


Schimpf Farm Project 2

We would like about 1-2 buildings of senior housing with a total of 30 seniors in each in an apartment-like setting with sustainable features inside. We also plan a low income housing building that houses about 20 families…..

Interactive Project Tour >

Visit the Albertus Magnus School Write Up

North Rockland High School

Barr/Teva Project 1

Our plan is to create a place that serves as a social community area with a restaurant, a unique viewing area of the food being made, a venue place for residents of the county to rent out, a garden, a produce market and a walk path….

Interactive Project Tour >

Barr/Teva Project 2

We are planning to create an affordable, eco-friendly housing community with a community center and walking path. This new development would be useful for all ages….

Interactive Project Tour >

Eagle Bay Project

Currently, Eagle Bay Marina is being used as a holding place for small boats and kayaks…. the area is proposed to become a residential community on the waterfront with access to a gym center and other amenities….

Interactive Project Tour >

Spring Valley High School

Spring Valley Memorial Park Project

The plan for this site is to re-energize and renew the park so that the community is more engaged and involved in helping this park be active….

Interactive Project Tour >

Tappan Zee High School

TZHS Logistics Park
Project 1

We plan to have an underground restaurant on the site as well as a farm on top. The farm would help supply the restaurant in order to promote sustainability…. Sustainable features such as porous pavement and a green roof would make this possible….

Interactive Project Tour >

TZHS Logistics Park
Project 2

The water sculpture gardens will be the main attraction to the site. With a mixture of nature and art it will draw many people in. We would like to pair up with ROCA and work with their people to bring interesting sculptures into our garden….

Interactive Project Tour >

2020 Illustrated Posters

While the 2020 Rockland P.L.U.S. Symposium had to be cancelled, all schools participating in the program were able to complete the three classroom workshops and students had begun developing their poster presentations. We are proud to share these posters from the students at Nyack and Albertus Magnus High Schools, which were undergoing final revisions when schools were closed.  They illustrate the students’ thoughtful, fresh ideas for sustainable development that addresses the environmental, as well as social and economic needs of the local and wider community. Community planners take note!


Nyack High School: Olga Diyamandoglu • Audrey Cesene • Jasper Stone • Alex McKee • Kyle Wendholt

Download PDF


Nyack High School: Isabelle Pearce, Alexis Sigillo, Masha Pitel, Oliver Schneck, Steven Moran, Lucy Ortiz

Download PDF

Gedney St.

Nyack High School: Kashi Nanavati, Zhyheim Stroud, Daniel Cephus, Aleksi Zaretsky, Abigail Abragan, Rachel Del Fierro

Download PDF


Nyack High School: Xander Stone, Kaila Crouch, Celeste V.K., Natalie Carbone

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Nyack High School: Megan Gregor, Miya Scharff, Julia O’Grady, Anna Fiore, Janari Otero and Kevin Sestak

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Schimpf Farm Site

Albertus Magnus High School: Group 3

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Comments from previous symposiums

From a student:

“The culmination of the work we put in on ways to improve our own community is satisfying. Knowing you can do something in our own backyard is an exciting thought. I felt empowered as a student.”

From mentoring professionals:

“Real world experience that provokes thought beyond the obvious. This was a great event and am honored to have been invited.”

“It was the perfect example of giving and respecting youth voice in community matters. I felt it was designed to put a spotlight on how youth workers can shine a spotlight on the thinking and involvement of young people.”

“This is always the best community event I participate in. Great job.”

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