Time to Schedule EARTH B.E.A.T!

It’s time to enroll your class or camp group for 2017!

Earth B.E.A.T. engages students in a day of fun, interactive activities focused on local ecology, waste reduction, water and energy conservation.  By participating in these Eco-Stations, students build knowledge about their community and the human-nature connection. They make meaningful connections to class curriculum and the NYS learning standards and are inspired to take simple steps to protect the environment.

“Earth B.E.A.T. provides our students with motivating, relevant, interactive experiences to deepen their understanding and respect for our natural resources, as well as their role in caring for the earth! …students have fun while learning important lessons!“

— Francine Cuccia, Principal, Link Elementary World School

Schedule Earth B.E.A.T. at your school or camp today! Email: sonia@keeprocklandbeautiful.org to get the (Earth) ball rolling… Learn More >