Tips for a Safe & Successful Cleanup

Please exercise all safe working precautions, including:

  1. Wear a mask at all times during check-in, orientation, supply drop off at group events and whenever within 6ft. of another volunteer; print and have all team volunteers sign waiver prior to check-in at group events; maintain social distancing and hygiene guidelines during cleanup
  2. Carefully remove litter using gloves and/or grabbers. Do not handle anything that looks suspicious, sharp, or dangerous
    • Bring reusable work gloves to your cleanup (KRB has a limited supply of disposable)
  3. Wash/sanitize your hands frequently and avoid touching your face
  4. Drink plenty of fluids & avoid over-exertion
    • Bring a reusable water bottle
  5. Supervise children closely; When near a road, always remain aware! Do not play in the street or otherwise distract motorists
    • Wear safety vests and/or bright clothing; face oncoming traffic
  6. Check for ticks and wash areas that may have been exposed to poison ivy or skin allergens
  7. Do not overstuff bags, however, please fill them completely and be sure to securely tie them; Be watchful for sharp objects that may be poking out of the bag; Work in teams when removing large objects
  8. Use black bags for non-recyclable waste; Use clear bags for recyclable waste (plastic, glass, or metal containers/cans/bottles. Plastic bags go in trash. Put paper in trash.
  9. Place full garbage bags within 5 ft. of the road for pick up by the Highway Dept.
    • Keep black bags & clear bags separate so the Highway Dept. can appropriately transport the bags; Be sure to use your “bag tags”
  10. *Submit your Cleanup Report Form! Otherwise we cannot remove the bags from the road!
    • Go to or complete hard copy at yourgroup/Community Cleanup Event and return to the leader (Be sure to fill out the Community Appearance Index on the back!
    • We love seeing & hearing about your cleanup experience! Please include any interesting items found, funny occurrences, and/or statements about the value of your participation in the cleanup
  11. *Email photos of your cleanup to and post to your social media