Waste Free Halloween Tips

Halloween is here!  Whether you’re tricking or treating, be sure to stay safe and keep these tips in mind for a Waste Free Halloween!  

1.  Buy candy in bulk to cut down on packaging waste; better yet – create your own goodies for trick-or-treaters and use recyclable or compostable packaging!

2.  Reusable costumes & candy containers!  Be sure to use a pillow case, or other reusable containers for trick-or-treating!  Costumes can be made from previous outfits, garage sales, thrift stores, and more.  Decorating a pillow case to designate it as a Halloween bag is a fun & creative activity, too!

3.  Compost old pumpkins & gourds.  They, along with other organic materials, will decompose, return to the Earth, & divert unnecessary waste from our landfills while providing nutrients to enhance the soil in your garden or on the lawn.

4.  Make your own decorations!  Pine Cones, leaves, and pumpkins, among other seasonal decor, can really add to the festive feelings Halloween brings.  Don’t be afraid to get creative!

Implementing one or all of these tips into your spooky celebrations will make for a green Halloween by reducing waste while doing your part to Keep Rockland Beautiful!