Water Conservation and Watershed Protection

Water Conservation

Watershed Protection

  • Green Infrastructure:
  • Rockland County Stream Map: Official County Regulated Streams: 
    • https://mywaterway.epa.gov/
    • This map will let you find out which watershed you get your water from, enabling you to stay informed about issues regarding your water.
  • Storm Drains:
    • Storm drains are the physical link between land use and water quality.  Storm drains in Rockland County take runoff from roads and parking lots directly to the nearest stream, lake, wetland, river, or reservoir.  Unfortunately, as water travels to a storm drain some unsavory characters often “hitch a ride” – cigarette butts, trash, gasoline/oil, lawn chemicals, road salt and dirt are just some of the contaminants that pollute our waters. Clean Streets = Clean Streams!
    • http://rocklandcce.org/stormwater-consortium-water-quality-education
    • The Stormwater Consortium of Rockland County addresses water quality concerns through regulation and educational programs for businesses, homeowners, and professionals.